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Önkéntes Program - Volunteer Program
Önkéntes Program - Volunteer Program

In the first week of April, we were honoured to host a Nepalese volunteer Nishta Tiwari, who arrived here from Belgium. She just came in the perfect time - owing to the lovely weather, several plant species in forests, meadows and marshes started blooming!

Beside eradicating old vegetation from orchid habitats and surveying the populations of the greater tussock-sedge(Carex paniculata), the grape hyacinth (Muscari botryoides) or the green-winged orchid (Orchis morio), Nishtha had the chance to visit the Drava Basin both in the Hungarian and Croatian side. She could have admired the sunset from high above the Drava at the Heresznye Highbank, could immerse herself in the beauty of Zákány-Őrtilos Hills, enjoying the cooling Kaszó Forest with the strictly protected glacial marsh remnant Lake Balata. Also, being in Somogy county, we didn’t want her to miss the chance to visit Central-Europe’s largest lake, the Balaton! View from and walking in Tihany, sweet cake breakfast by the Inner Lake and checking out the Little Balaton’s extraordinary birdlife made this trip unforgettable. We didn’t miss to visit Koprivnica in Croatia, and talk about the negative effects of hydroelectric power plants built and being under planning in River Drava and Mura.

Our volunteer program is open from March till November, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information and your possibilities to join the Drava Federation!

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